Natural Fragrances

 From online shopping, shopping malls, to drug stores it is not uncommon to find sweet, exotic scented skincare products like lotions or body oils with similar fragrances to what you might experience here at Botanical Bombshell. Except theres one big major difference! All of our fragrances used in our body oils, lotions, etc. are not synthetically fragranced. In fact the fragrances used are plant derived and 100% all natural! Another bonus by using naturally derived fragrances, not only do they impart a lovely smell they can also provide a function to the formula in a similar manner as an essential oil.

The natural fruit derived fragrances used in our formulas (that are not essential oils, because there's no such thing as a strawberry, blueberry, or coconut essential oil), are created in a similar process as the distillation of essential oils. If there can't be an essential oil of say blueberry or coconut then this method is certainly the next best thing! This method is called fractional distillation. 

Here is an explanation from our supplier of fractional distillation natural fragrances explaining the technique of creating natural fragrance oils. 

 What is fractional distillation and how is it used to create natural fragrances?

Put simply, fractional distillation is the process of separating chemical compounds. Each part of a compound (called an “isolate”) is separated from the other chemicals in the compound. Fractional distillation uses the different boiling points of each compound to separate or isolate the exact molecules that contain the scent desired. The mixture is heated so that each fraction evaporates and condenses into its own compartment. The process begins in the same way that it would if you were distilling an essential oil. Water and plant material are put into the still’s hopper and heated. Unlike essential oil distillation, fractional distillation uses specific temperatures and times, even stopping the distillation process at certain points, in order to reach the boiling points of the desired compounds contained in the plant materials, isolate, and collect them. Of course, the hard work begins once these compounds are isolated and collected. Isolating and then combining different compounds from different plants to create Mango or Pear is an art in itself. 

We are truly living in a wonderful time for natural and organic products. With increased demand, more attention is being given to creating natural solutions.  

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